Howdy Moo To You

No Bull ...
These Boyz
Can Party!
 Saddle Cattle; That trail ride, are
trick trained
team penning
and are
Pure fun and enjoyment!
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the "Moo Boyz"
Kimberly Henson
Owner & Trainer

9430 Powerhouse Road
Newcastle, CA 95658

This page was last updated: February 5, 2019
The Texas Longhorn Experience 
Howdy Moo, haven't ya 'herd'? Dozer and Jazzy are THE BEST!

 "Anyone can have a ponyride at their event, but it's The Moo Boyz On The Block that really know how to party ...and since it is the Texas Longhorn who put the 'cow' in 'cowboy', western events can't get any more authentic then when a Texas Longhorn is invited, he's the real deal.   John Wayne would be proud!"            

     Thank you, DeeDee Strauss for your kind words.

    To learn more about Saddle Cattle and Awesome                               Texas Longhorns, go to:
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